The coffee table Boon is a table with a complicated idea to convey. As a child, I loved to visit my grandmother’s house in the countryside and eat peas from the garden beds, tear off unripe pods, open them and enjoy each pea, even the pod itself was very juicy. But when the time was right for the full ripening of peas, it was my grandmother who already picked them it, and I have never seen the naturally opened fruit of peas. Freeing this idea from the pod of metaphor — well, sometimes we cannot wait for the end of the amazing ripening process and ignore the last stage. It turns out to be unpredictable for us and we lack patience for it. I reproduced such a moment in the Boon table: wow, it finally matured and opened itself. There are two versions of this table: one with imitation of muscle fibers, the other solid black.


No. 1: The whole structure is made of wood, then goes a veneer pattern, marquetry technology is applied, each black stripe is a millimeter stripe of Kota wood veneer, then varnish is applied and 2700 ceramic balls are screwed.

No. 2 The same as the first with the exception of the use of homogeneous black enamel and red ceramic balls.


Material – metal, wood, veneer, ceramics, enamel, varnish.

  • Width – 830 mm
  • Height – 540 mm
  • Length – 1400 mm

Limited Edition – Taras for Mrs Ruby collection,  24 pcs, 12 of each color scheme 


The fertile organism has matured and burst, ready to release what it grew and protected for so long.