There is hole pushing out of the wall, with copper fluid oozing, like juice from a tree. Walls form a stretched shell holding alien life. The shape of the portal can be explained in a simple 2-step way. What was once a perfect circle was slowly being healed with liquid copper, like stalactites and stalagmites which also grow up and down. Over time, the process stopped due to surface tension and after a while the copper froze. Do not believe? Well, at least I’ve tried. But so be it, here is a bit of information for pragmatic people: the mirror is made of beech wood and hand-minted copper sheets.


Material – steel, beech wood, copper, enamel, varnish

  • Thickness – 130 mm
  • Height – 1000 mm
  • Length – 2118 mm

Limited Edition – Taras for Mrs Ruby collection, 12 pcs