The Duo coffee table is a bare blood (or lymphatic. well, choose any organic liquid you wish) vessel, which is squeezed and linked by its cut parts. A complex image, perhaps, but this is exactly how this idea came to me. The dynamic border of fusion demonstrates the process of self-preservation and healing. The table has a complex smooth shape with legs extending from the center that tie the vessel to the ground. The peripheral cells of plants, which in nature are a protective and strengthening frame of the plant, are plotted along the contour of the countertop. An inlaid brass sphere, symbolizing the core, is placed at the center of each drawn cell.


The table is made of solid wood and sheathed with leather. Top is enamel and brass inlay. The legs are made of metal frame and wood paneling.


Material – steel, oak, enamel, varnish, brass

  • Width – 500 mm
  • Height – 410 mm
  • Length – 850 mm

Limited Edition –  Taras for Mrs Ruby collection – 20 pcs