This unique project is part of the “microworld” collection and represents an image of a biological cell designed for obvious interior use. The spherical shape of the seat, similar to orthopedic balls, is a very ergonomic solution. Ease of use is confirmed by our team members, their relatives and numerous visitors of the exhibitions. The back of the chair can be removed, turning it into a spherical legged seat. The filling is soft as it is made of polyurethane foam. The upholstery is made of wool, which does not require excessive cleaning and keeps heat well in a cold environment, while on hot days it gives a cool feeling.


The basis of “Lympho” metal frame made of steel, on top of which polyurethane foam is spread. Filling is processed by hand and trimmed in a spherical shape. Then everything is covered with padding for giving soft and smooth edges. The cover (upholstery) is sewn from wool and undergoes the procedure of wet felting. The chair back is also made of steel. A cushion with a push-button mechanism is attached over it. On the basis of the chair there are plastic hemispherical tips to protect the floor from scratches and to protect the felt cover.


The chair elements are deep white-pinkish felt cover, silver or white metal rods and blue or brown straps.

  • Height 900 mm
  • Diameter 600 mm


The project is based on the image of the immune cell of the human body – the lymphocyte. The mechanism of the human body that is so complex and interesting, it’s the main source of my inspiration most of the time.


From medical research, I’ve found out how important it is for a person to understand how his body works, how his immunity works. This raises the person’s awareness of the problem (if there are any) and the understanding of things that subconsciously activate the immune system.And this chair is a small bridge from the macrocosm to the microworld, contributing to the understanding of the most complex mechanism ever – the human body.