In the connection of the Tabletop with legs, there is a special, developed by me, turning mechanism for mobility, an added wooden tray. The tray is easily removed, having clamps from below, they are also legs for its stability. The rotary mechanism is enclosed in a modeled and molded metal base, to which the legs are attached. Also all metal elements are made and processed manually. The tray has a small recess, creating a plate shape and additional preservation of the objects placed on it, and is also able to rotate, describing the circumference of the table. The distance of the Attachment element can also be adjusted with locking pins located at the bottom.


The glass tabletop is framed by an oak ring, cut on a CNC machine with the creation of a groove below, for a hard grip with the table surface. The entire upper structure is attached to the base consisting of a brass part made according to the technology of pouring metal with a hollow center and an upper platform onto which the bearing system with a brass rod mounted in it is installed. The rod is the basis for attaching the tray. Four legs are made of steel and painted black, on the ends of which are installed tubes with a rounded blind end.


  • Height is 550 mm
  • Diameter 600 mm
  • Materials: Oak, brass, steel, glass


Creating a new mechanical element that looks aesthetically pleasing and carries functionality. The combination of materials and processing techniques makes this table a full, specific piece of furniture


Creation of the central part: 3D modeling, 3D printing PLA plastic, molding in high-temperature molding sand, bronze casting. There was also carpentry work and forging steel legs.