Moof, first of all, is a huge nest that keeps the owner’s things. Storage boxes are installed into the base, which is assembled from veneered metal strips. Intersecting, the tapes create a rigid frame in which a metal box is hidden. Chemical metallization is the king Midas who gave us gold for this project. Oak and walnut have a different color, and creating a vascular knot of veins and arteries helps to denote a different state of blood – oxygen enriched and not. Some vessels go inside the chest and carry oxygen from the lungs, while others, on the contrary, leave it, returning back in the heart.


Material – steel, oak veneer, walnut veneer, chemical metallization, liquid glass.

  • Width – 600 mm
  • Height – 820 mm
  • Length – 1580 mm

Limited Edition – Taras for Mrs Ruby collection – 3 pcs