Nitinol sensors (an alloy of titanium and nickel) make this lamp a unique project. Nitinol is a metal with shape memory; when exposed to temperatures of 30 degrees or more, it is able to change shape and return to its original position. Due to this property, this material is actively used in medicine and, more recently, in architecture.


The lamp consists of two glass blown halves, from the tops of which come nitinol hairs with discs at the ends. In the center, at the junction of the glass elements, a glass ring with halogen, cylindrical lamps is located. The whole structure is attached to the ceiling through cables in metal pipes.


Materials: steel, high temperature glass, halogen lamps, nitinol

  • Diameter: 400 mm
  • Minimal distance from ceiling: 900 mm

Research Points:

Developing the project, I used nitinol as a symbol of action. It is an interesting material with a wide range of applications, from vascular surgery to architecture. My use of the material is aimed at depicting the ongoing internal sensory processes.