Chrome — ceramic lamp with drawing over the glaze painting in the free technique. In it, I wanted to convey a certain being of two parts of one whole. Create a story and tell about it, convey women’s playfulness and ease with all ease. At the same time, the masculine image personifies severity, strength, and a certain timidity in the face of the frailty of a woman. The work uses bright colors with gold and copper elements. The main color is white glaze, and inside there are two light bulbs attached to metal tubes.


The lamp is a technology of plaster mold liqueur casting. Further refined and baked in the oven. The next stage is a dense coating of white icing and another baking.

After the product has undergone thermal processing, drawing on the surface of the luminaire begins with brushes and another final baking. Fittings made of metal parts are installed on the ceramic boiler and braided electrical cord is attached.


White clay, copper, steel, brass. Over glaze painting

Lamp height 400 mm


This feeling and the ability to convey it, through the subject of the Interior. Make it complete and speak your language.