This console is formed by one solid metal line with an internal wooden edging. The oak smoothly bends, resembling the baggy shape of the follicles. Console’s geometry is similar to the anatomical sketch of an organic system where metal protects the wood providing it with a comfortable environment. We are surrounded by amazing forms: flowing, thought-provoking, natural ones. When our mind embraces them, we recognize ourselves.


The console is made of polished stainless steel and oak inside. First, a metal shell is created, assembled and reinforced with a reinforcment rib along the entire length. The next stage is the creation of internal wooden filling from tightly assembled oak boards. The stainless steel is polished, and the oak is protected by oil.


  • Material – steel, oak
  • Width – 400 mm
  • Height – 990 mm
  • Length – 1500 mm

Limited Edition – Taras for Mrs Ruby – 12 pcs