THYMUS BOY is a brave, hardworking, and––at the same time––very humble inhabitant of the planet Orginion. The appearance of Thymus Boy visually refers to the human immune system. Its pink body has a lobular structure in the image and likeness of the thymus gland, which is responsible for the reproduction of lymphocytes. His head looks like a bunch of lymph nodes, in which lymphocytes mature and acquire the ability to neutralize infections. His backpack resembles a lymphocyte with a pattern of IgG antibodies that resist repeated attacks by viruses.

THYMUS BOY is the personification of the true hero and defender of humanity––or rather the human body. He stands guard over our health day and night.

  • Polymer | 27 cm | Edition: 50 | Price — $990
  • Polymer | 70 cm | Edition: 15 | Price — $1,990